Melissa O’Brien as Duckie

I’m an actor so I’m always looking for films I’d like to be a part of, people I’d like to work with, and projects that excite me. This was the case several months ago when I came across a casting notice that was all of the above. It was for a film described as a “comedic, musical mockumentary” filming in Columbus, Ohio, and I thought, I have to be a part of this. I loved the story line and all the character descriptions, but none of the supporting roles were for a female in my age range. However, there was a male role that sounded like an interesting character. Duckie. I sent an email asking if they might consider a female Duckie and hoped for the best. Fortunately, I got an invitation to audition, then an invitation for a call back. When I was offered the role I was thrilled to accept! At the table read it was clear that this was an exceptional group of people. Everyone on the film, from cast to crew, was professional, talented, and just plain cool to work with. What a terrific experience. Liberty Mean rocks!

-Melissa O’Brien

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