August 23, 2019


Mock and Roll

A Spine-TappingRockumentary

Featuring the music of Foghat and Black Owls… Ohio parody band Liberty Mean is tapped out, clueless and struggling to raise the needed money to get to the South by Southwest Music Festival where their dreams can become reality. Unfortunately, bad decisions and absurd circumstances lead the band down a dark and stormy road in this frenetic caricature of rock and roll reverie.

Featuring special appearances by Roger Earl of the legendary British band Foghat (of “Slow Ride” fame), the North Coast’s favorite son Michael Stanley, and Alex Ortiz, the comedian from Comedy Central and HBO. Mock & Roll is no story of “has-beens’. Instead, it’s the tale of “never-beens”; where visions go screwy and time plays against the odds.

Director: Ben Bacharach-White
Cast: Aditi Molly Bhanja, Chris Wolfe, Andrew Yackel (more)
Theatrical release: 2017
Awards: Best Feature
Best Original Score

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