We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support.

Ace of Cups
Big Room Bar
Rehab Tavern
Tree Bar
Taco Dan’s
City Barbeque Gahanna
MillWorks Art Studios
Block’s Bagels
Promowest Express Live!
Licking County Historic Jail
200 Civic Center
The Ohio State University
The Ohio State Reformatory
C. DeWitt Dyckman and Donna J. Dyckman
Mark Stewart
Ed Shuttleworth and Family
Jim Young

Pearl Drums
The Black Owls
Laura Beaver and Alan Schmiedebusch
Tim Copas
Sam Javor
Aditi Molly Bhanja
Brian Glassner

Where I’m From
Footloose Vintage Store

City Barbeque
Block’s Bagels
Taco Dan’s
Jack Daniel’s

Pheoris West
Uko Smith
Omarthan Clarke
Matt Wolcott
Latosha Matthews

Greater Columbus Film Commission
The Ohio State University Film Studies Program
John Daugherty – Executive Director, Greater Columbus Film Commission
Matt Swift – Program Coordinator, The Ohio State University Film Studies Program
Brian Hipsher – Vice President of Marketing, City Barbeque
Marcy Mays – Owner, Ace of Cups
Randy Malloy – Owner, CD 102.5 and Big Room Bar
Justin Hemminger – General Manager, Big Room Bar
John Crispi – Manager, Rehab Tavern
Ryan Haye – Owner, Tree Bar
Dan O’Harra – Senior Vice President Asset Management, Lawyers Development Corporation
Becky Long – Vice President of Sales & Brand Marketing, PromoWest Productions
Joe Camoriano – Director of National Broadcast Media, The Ohio State University
Scott Mowrey – Member, Mowrey Holdings, LLC.
Dan Rogers and Sam Rogers – Owners, Taco Dan’s
Barb Franks – Owner, Taco Dan’s and Footloose Vintage Store
Hal Block and Steve Block – Owners, Block’s Bagels
Angie Stiel – General Manager, Block’s Bagels
Larry Ruben – President/CEO, Plaza Properties
Jim Young – Owner/Vintner, Sand Hollow Winery
C. DeWitt Dyckman and Donna J. Dyckman
Laura Beaver and Alan Schmiedebusch
The Ohio State University Physics Department
Nicolette Swift
City Barbeque Catering Staff
Licking County Historical Jail Staff
200 Civic Center Staff
Kevin Murphy
The West Family
Omarthan Clarke
Uko Smith
Amy Wharton
Tyler Wharton
Clark Porter
Brian Bowman
Amy Clark
Daniel R. Hickey
Kevin Reeves
Kaye Stewart
Rebecca Turk
Al Newton
Nicholas Palacio
Anita Bergman
Vickie Cox
Robb Webb
Kurt Esman
Nana Kwasi