Amazing cast, crew, and extras were all part of making the magic happen!

Five Things I Learned About Principal Photography

Five Things I Learned About Principal Photography OK, so the moment arrives when you are ready to actually shoot your film. That time is called Principal Photography. When you have your cast and crew and locations and script all come together for THE RIDE (apologies David Allan Coe). We knew we would be working long[…]

Liberty Mean Pearl Drum set a Ace of Cups.

Five Things I Learned About Pre-Production For An Independent Feature Film

Five Things I Learned About Pre-Production For An Independent Feature Film Pre-production encompasses all the stuff that needs to be done, once you have a completed script, to prepare for principal photography (the actual filming of the movie). I covered casting in an earlier blog post, so this covers five things I learned from all[…]

Liberty Mean team members left to right: Joe Sadoski, Chris Wolfe, James Rollo, Tony Deemer, and Kevin Kirkland.

Five Things I Learned About Screenwriting

Five Things I Learned About Screenwriting In my last blog post, I started a series about what I have learned about filmmaking since entering the field about three years ago, starting with casting. But before that, there was this little thing called “writing a screenplay”. Although I have done quite a bit of writing in[…]

Actors left to right: Molly Bhanja, Will Scarborough, Pakob Jarernpone, Chris Wolfe, and (partially obscured) Andrew Yackel.

Five Things I Learned About Casting An Independent Feature Film

Five things I learned about Casting an independent film Being a first-time feature filmmaker with Liberty Mean, working with experienced filmmakers was crucial to success. Surrounded by film professionals who had done this many times made the experience very enjoyable and a terrific learning experience. In a series of blog posts, I am sharing the[…]

Actors Pakob Jarernpone and Chris Wolfe (center) in scene at location sponsor Promowest Express Live!.


Once the hero in The Princess Bride is brought back from being “mostly dead” by the character played by Billy Crystal, and is sent off to continue his quest against all odds, Crystal’s character exclaims “Have fun stormin da castle!” In addition to being a great line, it is emblematic of so much in life.[…]

Foghat founding member Roger Earl (left) with Mark Stewart at location sponsor Big Room Bar/CD102.5.

From HR Exec to Filmmaker?

I’ve read about people who start second careers quite different from the one in which they worked their entire life. I never thought I would be one of those. I really enjoyed my career in Human Resources… loved the diversity of work and people, and had a great time as Vice President of HR for[…]