Deep Tracks R Fun

Deep Tracks R Fun

The members of Liberty Mean are miffed. We’re pissed. Not in the British version of pissed (well sometimes we are). We’re downright irritated that there is so much good music out there that people don’t know about. You might call them deep tracks. One of our missions in life is to bring these songs to the forefront. So here we go.

Ever hear of the band The Mother Truckers? Yeah, nice play on words. But that isn’t all. They make some kick-ass music. And they have a kick-ass female lead singer like Liberty Mean. Take a song called Alien Girl from their 2010 album Van Tour.

First off, the name of the album is brilliant. Most of us struggling bands don’t have a big fancy tour bus taking us around. If we’re lucky, we have a van. So it’s a van tour. Second, a song about otherworldly creatures visiting us? Lyrics like “We built the pyramids when we was little kids, it ain’t that far of a trip” make this extra brilliant.

Sci-fi meets Kate McKinnon? “It’s just the end of your world”. Their Facebook page couldn’t describe them any better:

The Mother Truckers are a kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll band from Austin, Texas! Their music is high-octane Americana, blending elements of Country and Blues with loud guitars, big choruses and powerhouse vocals. Their creative songwriting and high energy live performances lift you up to a place that’s somewhere between a honky-tonk and a mosh-pit!

And no, we get nothing from the bands we highlight in this blog – we just dig them. Why are you still reading this and not listening to them?