Liberty Mean Filming Now!

Liberty Mean – filming now!
Independent feature film “Liberty Mean” started principal photography in the central Ohio area on July 25, with a diverse cast from all across the Midwest. The comedic, musical mockumentary follows four ambitious, yet clueless friends who form a band to parody the songs of their idols, the Black Owls (along with some surprise flashback performances). The friends try to build a fan base and earn enough money to get on stage at a major music festival.
Events do not unfold as planned.

A script evaluator for the Motion Picture Academy says “This is a wacky, clever, very imaginative and unique comedy” that includes “hilarious sequences that are laugh out loud funny”. Directed by Ben Bacharach-White, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Executive Producer Mark Stewart, the film is a collaboration between Stewbean Productions and Double Dag Productions. Award-winning Producer Tony Deemer and Co-Producer Leah Wharton round out the team that is filming across many central Ohio locations in the coming weeks.

The film stars Chris Wolfe, Molly Bhanja, Andrew Yackel and Pakob Jarernpone as the parody band members following a very unconventional path toward musical stardom. It also features talent from across the Midwest and central Ohio.

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